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The Little Shop in the Corner


You can pay your  DMV Renewal  online even without a smog certificate by doing one of the following:


        Mail the bottom portion of your notice with your payment.


        Pay online.


When paying online you will come to the screen that says: Notice – Smog

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "SUBMIT"
  • Your registration will not be complete, but, you won’t pay late fees.


The catalytic converter is only One part of the Emission Controll System.

If the other parts of your vehicle Emission Controll System are not working properly, your vehicle may fail smog.


Things you can do before you come in for a Smog Test.

  • fresh fuel - No fuel additives
  • oil change
  • new air filter
  • new fuel filter


Air pollution.


This is what happens without strict smog regulations.

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