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Poway Test Only

celebrates 10 years



By Emily Sorensen            NOV. 2012

If you’re looking for a good, reliable and fast place to get a smog test, then check out Poway Test Only, at 13865 Poway Road.

This smog-test only shop, owned and operated by Rick Tozier for 10 years, offers only one thing, but does it well. A smog test, legally required for anyone who owns a car, is a small but vital service that tests to make sure the emission control system in your vehicle is still functional to state levels.

“We all offer the same services, and competition dictates prices,” said Tozier. “The only thing I have to offer above that is honesty and integrity, courtesy, and punctuality. We make sure you’re not wasting your time.” Smog tests take between 15 and 20 minutes, and with his experienced and friendly staff, it’s easy to fit in an appointment during your lunch hour if need be.

Tozier, who was raised in Carlsbad and moved to Poway in 1988 following time spent serving in the Air Force, has a number of years of experience with both smog tests and general automobile mechanics. Tozier spent nearly 20 years working construction, but the nature of construction work being affected by the economy soured it for him. “It was too cyclical for me due to the economy,” said Tozier. “When the economy is good, work’s good, but when it’s bad, it dies down.”

Having always had an interest in cars and mechanics, Tozier worked for Ford as a smog and drivability tech, before opening up his smog test business in Poway. “I got a little too old to be working on cars,” said Tozier. “That made up my mind for me.”

Owning his own business has also allowed Tozier to give back to the community. Poway Test Only is involved yearly in sponsoring the Poway Soroptimists through Motorhead Madness, something Tozier has been involved with for nine years. He and his business also try and support the local high school sports teams, donating to the sports programs. “Lots of our customers have kids involved in sports, so we try and support them,” said Tozier.



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